Thursday, 20 November 2014

Let me Introduce

Remember the other week when I mentioned the notorious Trumpet Man I've been hearing in the afternoons around my apartment?

Well mid Netflix binge one afternoon I heard that faint song again so I stuck my head well out of the window with my camera and just waited. I feel bad for stalking the guy from a height but I think I needed to know he actually existed for my own peace of mind. I hadn't heard him for quite a while actually, maybe he caught a cold with the drop in temperature and wind that's been around lately. Poor little guy. Nonetheless I was glad to catch a glance and take his pic. He caught me and waved. And that's just how you make friends I guess.

Sooooo if you haven't caught up on Instagram I am now back home in Australia and am adjusting to the weather. Nothing gets you more prepared for an Australian summer like a weekend of 40 degree days (holy wow). In spring. With only one more week off before heading back to work I'm squeezing in as many lunch dates as possible and smooshing all the babies I have missed since I've been away. Please excuse my absence over the next week; I have a new house to move into, a suitcase to unpack (I'm leaving that for Future Megan to address), family to see and friends to air kiss as soon as possible. I'll be right back in a week once the jet lag passes.

M x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Parisienne Pique-Nique

In my first week of moving to Paris I went on a picnic while the weather was still A+. I headed to Rue Mouffetard which is very close to my apartment, grabbed a mini cheese board, a baguette, bottle of wine and these cute gingham napkins and headed to the Tour.

If you don't count all the gypsies trying to con you or the men trying to sell you a beer for 6 euro a pop then the ambience is lovely! It really is the best people spotting you can come by in Paris - just pull up some grass and have a snack and watch the magic happen. 

I was interrupted eating my baguette by a guy named "Kevin". I don't know of any French men called Kevin. He sat, tried to pick on me for my accent, grabbed a beer from the con man, and then tried to take my camera and "take a photo for me". If you ever wanted to see me in Angressive Megs Mode this was it. I admit to using some words and phrases that perhaps are not considered lady like, but in my native tongue I sure served them up to Kevin with great conviction. He dropped the camera, picked up his things and walked away. Good decision Kev.

Seriously though there is something to be said for being able to sit on the Champs de Mars and take your time to just sit. It's a special place, everyone loves it, and when the lights start to twinkle for those 5 minutes every hour you feel pretty lucky to be where you are!

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