Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Be Right Back


Want to know the sexiest thing your husband can whisper to you when you jump into bed late at night, slightly tipsy after your work Christmas Party????

"..... our internet is finally connected".

I woke up the day after my work Christmas Party nursing a B.A.D hangover and feeling sorry for myself when I remembered that little sentence. Convinced it was just a dream, seeing as we have been waiting three months for it to happen, I almost didn't even bother trying it out. But here we are, connected and back on the matrix to enjoy all things lovely like Netflix and Pinterest and Blogs and FoxSports updates. One would say we're a happy little household right now.

So here is my internet fueled apology for my absense and my promise that things are coming back. Being just around the corner from a New Year and all it may even be the perfect time for a little revamp..? What do you say blog?

Watch this "no longer void" space.

M x

Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Month That Was November

November you handsome devil, we sure did have a good time. 

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